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What's been done relatively recently, according to a geologic timescale!


  • Misc: Conversion acceptance rules updated, Disk Writer plug-in clarification.
  • A couple of link fixes.
  • Nothing much else to speak of, really.
  • General: Purpose of Piano Only MIDIs, Chat instructions rewrite.
  • Forum: Revised board listings, title images, some tidying.
  • Misc: Disk Writer plug-in, USF, VGMOCA.
  • Other things that no-one will notice.
  • General: Piano Only criteria.
  • Forum: Introductions.
  • Misc: QuickTime.
  • Music: Piano arranging.
  • Minor tweaks here and there.

  • About the FAQ

    This marvellous list of questions is here for your benefit. Go and read it. If this seems daunting, try clicking a randomly selected question and see if you learn something new. If not, try again! If you did, well done, try another one and see how long you can keep it up! If you've just read it all anyway, get other people to read it.

    Now for what I really wanted to say here... I'm maintaining the FAQ and Glossary now, but much of what's here represents five years of Kalrac being the maintainer of the FAQ. Whilst on occasion a thing or two I may or may not have mentioned could have affected certain things Kalrac did to the FAQ, the appearance of the vast majority of material had no connection with me inparticular whatsoever. So, basically, don't give me credit for writing the entire FAQ, because I didn't. However, if you have something to say about the FAQ, you should say it to me since I'm the one maintaining it now. Thank you.

    Questions I have/Info I want

    Here's a list of things that I'd like to know. If you happen to know the answer, please send it my way.

  • Do you know of any MIDI related programs (Specifically sequencers or software wavetable emulators) that I didn't mention (Preferably for Unix/Linux, Mac, Dos, O/S2, or other non-Windows system)? Major programs only, please, I don't want a comprehensive list of every single crappy MIDI program in existience.
  • Is any of my information inaccurate or confusing?
  • Do you have any IMPORTANT site or MIDI questions that you think should be answered here? If you ask me a question that is not important or that has no relevance, I might ignore it, and I probably won't answer it. If you have an unimportant question, or are unsure if it is important, please ask it on the appropriate message board. I will most likely see it there, and I probably won't ignore it, but there's still no guarantee that I'll answer it (Although the likelihood that it will be answered is increased).


    FAQ maintained by: dw_junon, so comments, questions, etc. regarding it should be sent here or posted on the appropriate message board.

    (Make sure your letter is relevant. I will ignore all irrelevant material.)

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