Pathetic House

Game Name: Undertale

md5sum: 0614a4cfffd4bbf09ab151350787c76b
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Added by: Jessica Claire
Date Added: 2017-06-10

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Game System: Windows
Game Name: Undertale
Song Title: Pathetic House
Sequenced by: Midna
Other Information: undertale hasn't even been out for a year and its soundtrack is already one of my favorites.

this theme plays in the house of the adorably pitiful ghost, napstablook

it's a very slow and minimal arrangement of a recurring battle theme that is first used for them.

undertale uses a lot of leitmotifs, you know

muffet's fight also uses a variation on this song

and because she's one of my favorite characters 
in the game i personally associate it more with her than with blooky.

i mean

not that napstablook isn't a good character......

did i accidentally imply i didn't like napstablook........?


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MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 2
Delta Time Setting: 960

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Undertale Soundtrack copyright 2015-2016 Toby Fox; arrangement by Midna