Grunty Industries ("Happy" Remix)

Game Name: Banjo-Tooie

md5sum: 06c6324b939ffd66404912a39618fcb3
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Added by: Pongball  Added: 2002-06-19

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Upload Date and Time: 01/21/2002 17:05:39

Uploaded by:  (Dr. Fruitcake)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Nintendo 64
Game Name: Banjo-Tooie
Song Title: Grunty Industries ("Happy" Remix)
Sequenced by: Dr. Fruitcake  Information: EXPLANATION:Okay, let me point out that the title of the song ("Happy" remix) is extremely misleading.  I named it that because I couldn't come up with a better name... but please don't write it off as being dumb or childish (or even--gasp--polka!).  On the contrary, the song is composed of a variety of different "happy"-type styles.  These include a DK64-type victory/Credits style, a Caribbean/Latin style, and a fast rock/Ska style.  I almost guarantee you'll like it! :)(If you have anything to say about it, whether good or bad, be sure to e-mail me!)

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Featuring the following "happy" styles:

~ Orchestral DK64-type Credits

~ Caribbean/Latin

~ Ska (yay)

Also featuring cameo appearances by Yoshi and Mario!

Grunty Industries -- "Happy" Remix -- sequenced by Dr. Fruitcake