Stage 3 Theme (Underground)

Game Name: Gemini Wing

md5sum: 0739c4f6d78ba528b9f5d4341c074d40
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Uploaded by:  (Alluro95)

Game System: Arcade
Game Name: Gemini Wing
Song Title: Stage 3 Theme (Underground)
Sequenced by: Alluro95
Song Originally Composed by: S. E. Yuki

Other Information: 
Most of you may not remember this classic arcade game. Gemini Wing is a unique
arcade shooter by Tecmo, the same company that produced the Tecmo Super Bowl series
and Rygar, in 1987.
The soundtrack of Gemini Wing, in my opinion, was very good.

This is the Stage 3 (Underground) theme. This is a very tense-sounding piece, with an anxious
introduction and an increasingly tense refrain. This version is fully orchestrated for a
classical symphony orchestra, complete with a brass section, a reed section, a string
ensemble with double basses and orchestral percussion. The melody is an echoed harpsichord.
I removed the scary-sounding drone from the original song. Just in case you want to know,
there is no boss for this stage.

MIDI length:                     2 min. 37.2 sec.
Number of channels/instruments:  10 channels + drums / 9 instr. + Orchestra drum kit
Song Key:                        C minor

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Harpsichord Echo    
Trumpet Accent      
French Horn         
Crash Cymbal        
Meter Track         
Meter Track         
Stage 3 Theme - Gemini Wing Arcade
(c) 1987 Tecmo Inc.
Original composer: S. E. Yuki
MIDI full reorchestration by Alluro95