Strike Battle (GM)

Game Name: Mega Man X: Corrupted

md5sum: 1a46ba9a4e55dd7239a1aee51e7c2f20
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File URL is
Upload Date and Time: 09/05/2019 16:50:32

Uploaded by:  (tahutoa)

Game System: Windows
Game Name: Mega Man X: Corrupted
Song Title: Strike Battle (GM)
Sequenced by: tahutoa
Other Information: The original FL project had actually been in my files for months and months and months, like a year and a half minimum, and I'd completed like two-thirds of the song before I kinda just fell out of working on it.
When I finally acted on my resolve to go back and complete it yesterday, I found that I'd improved so much since that point and it'd been so long, I'd forgotten I didn't know about pitch-bending LFO at that time (Pokey Means Business was when I first utilized it, because for real those Overdrives sound unrecognizable without those decaying glissandos at the start, and MIDI doesn't have Slider Notes).
Even besides that though, I'd also written the project in double-time (a whopping 308 BPM on the tempo marker), some bits' note lengths were too long or too short (mostly the backing "pad" Overdrive), and some instrument sounds were as of yet missing from the project.
After the .flp version was finished (, I exported to MIDI, opened a new project file, imported the whole .mid into one sound channel, then used Ctrl+A and Shift+Drag to shorten the whooole thing-- minus the drums-- to the proper 154 BPM. 
'Did the same thing for the drums, then implemented the pitch-bending, legitimately this time; couldn't do it when it was the original 308 because you can't do the same percentage trick on Edit Events so it would've been an exercise in futility.

I wish Dominic hadn't disabled comments on his video so I could send him the Major Key retooling I made (, maybe he would've found it funny. As a fellow musician I know *I* would love to have re-toolings of my compositions sent at me, but then again I can't say for sure th't *everyone's* like that.

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 13
Delta Time Setting: 96

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Strike Battle {Mega Man X: Corrupted} | Composed by Dominic Ninmark | MIDI by tahutoa
56,8 Impact (OmegaGM)
8,1 Bass X2
12,0 Bassaw
129 MMX Perc.
31 MMX Distorted (+16 Fine)
6,0 Overdrive
12,1 Saw X2
10,0 Synth
6,0 BG Overdrive
13,0 Square
4,0 Brass
129 MMX Perc. #2 (-several octaves)