Reef Skyscraper Transition - "Pedal to the Metal (Encore)"

Game Name: Snap the Sentinel

md5sum: 219f899594e6d0277d8c4166fdfcc83a
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Upload Date and Time: 06/05/2021 21:09:24

Uploaded by:   System: Windows
Game Name: Snap the Sentinel
Song Title: Reef Skyscraper Transition - "Pedal to the Metal (Encore)"
Sequenced by:  Information: Here's a bit of useless trivia: This MIDI was created 
before the other "Pedal to the Metal" MIDI. That one 
was an edit of this.

The MIDI's filename originally had parentheses around 
the word "encore", but the site's upload script 
apparently doesn't like that, so feel free to add them 

This plays during the second part of the fourth level 
in the game.

The Roland SC-55mkII is recommended for playback, 
but most GM devices should play this MIDI just fine.

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 14
Delta Time Setting: 120

-Text Analysis-
Snap the Sentinel
Stage 4 Encore - "Pedal to the Metal (Encore)"
Originally Composed by SeventhSentinel
Sequenced by  Credit if Used)
General MIDI Compatible
SC-55mkII Recommended for Playback
Started: Sunday, May 30th, 2021
Finished: Sunday, May 30th, 2021

-Midi TrackName Analysis-

SysEx Events
Picked Bass
Overdriven Guitar (Lead 1)
Synth Brass 2 (Lead 2)
Square Wave (Lead 2 Support)
Square Wave (Lead 2 Support Echo)
Square Wave (Square Others)
Distortion Guitar (Rhythm Guitar Left)
Distortion Guitar (Rhythm Guitar Right)
Synth Strings 1
Power Kit (Kick & Snare)
Power Kit (Hi-Hats & Cymbals)

-Marker Analysis-