Super Stage (2)

Game Name: R-Type

md5sum: 231ad0d981e7e75635be8b290c310ecf
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Added by: Princess Peach Toadstool  Added: 2000-02-20

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Uploaded by:  (The Joystick Lunatic)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Sega Master System
Game Name: R-Type
Song Title: Super Stage (2)
Sequenced by: The Joystick Lunatic  Information: My -favorite- music from the whole game, and one of my favorite musical pieces from any video game.. I found the sound test accidentally before I ever found the actual level this music is from :)I tried to keep this as close to the original as there's no remixing really done.This MIDI was made to sound best using the OPL2 chip on the AdLib and old SoundBlaster cards, and intsruments were picked according to how the sounded using the OPL2.--You can reach the music test by rotating the D-pad counter-clockwise repeatedly during the "Continue?" screen. In the sound test, if you hold button 2, you can keep going past the last BGM and start playing sound effects from the game also.Also, if you rotate the pad clockwise on the "Continue?" screen, you add continues :P

Midi TrackName Analysis:

At "Continue?" screen, rotate directional pad  counterclockwise until sound test appears, clockwise to add credits! :) Bye bye!