Game Name: Breath of Fire III

md5sum: 425e072daceae08f99856983a865cd06
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Added by: Pong64  Added: 2001-01-09

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Uploaded by:  (Brandon Lee Ritter)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Sony Playstation
Game Name: Breath of Fire III
Song Title: Technology
Sequenced by: SCT  Originally Composed by: Akari Kaida & Yoshino Aoki 

Other Information: 

Midi TrackName Analysis:

The Queen Knows Nothing . . . . Technology Will Always Evolve

Resequenced for midi by SCT

Thanks goes out to all of you humble Sequencers of Capcom for Inspiring us all. :)

Dedicated to Dermot :)  heh, it's not much, (the "ultra jazzy part" is probably about 99% authentic) but I'm sure you'll be plea
The beggining of this song kinda reminds me of the inside of a computer - (like in The Matrix or that one movie "Hackers" ^_^ 

Rhodes Piano Left Pan
Electric Bass (picked)
Synth Strings 1
Tenor Sax
Tenor Sax Echo
Fretless Bass
Slap Bass 2
Rhodes Piano Right Pan
Extra Piano Chords (a rhodes doesn't sound right by itself for some reason (depending on your midi playback) ^_^)
     Welcome Always!