Dr. Robotnik Version 2

Game Name: Sonic 3D Blast

md5sum: 436ba078568c43f4bc87866b6ae2756e

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Added by: Mark Jansen  Added: 2000-08-28

File URL is http://www.vgmusic.com/new-files/s3db_sg_17.mid

Uploaded by:  (John Weeks )

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Sega Genesis
Game Name: Sonic 3D Blast
Song Title: Dr. Robotnik Version 2
Sequenced by: John Weeks  Originally Composed by: Jun Senoue and others

Other Information: 

Midi TrackName Analysis:

This MIDI sequence is  2000 by John Weeks ; the original version of this song is  1996 by SEGA
Slap Bass 2
Slap Bass 2
Electric Guitar (jazz)
Electric Guitar (jazz)
Electric Piano 1
Electric Guitar (jazz)
Lead 1 (square)
Lead 1 (square)
Dr. Robotnik Version 2 (Sonic 3D Blast- Genesis)
Sequenced by: John Weeks on June 5, 2000
E-mail me at  or  thanks goes to Magnus for supplyin' me with a Gym2Mid of the emulator version of this song.
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