Aeris (Arranged) (3)

Game Name: Final Fantasy 7

md5sum: 444a9b114c41c869347199e262578e6c[1].mid
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Game System: Sony Playstation
Game Name: Final Fantasy 7
Song Title: Aeris (Arranged) (3)
Sequenced by: Masashi Ito  Information: 

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Notes by the author: 
     I was again astounded  by Mr. Uematsu's genius in writing music that fit so well with the scene. 
     I decided to elaborate on the theme a little by adding extra string tracks,  placing the instruments to reflect the seating
F     Certain sections of the piano part is actually played on a keyboard. As I did not have access to a keyboard in most of the 
=     I hope you enjoy listening to this song as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any comments, questions, or even reque
--Masashi Ito (7/14/97) 
An attempt at translation by the author: 
                                        --Underground Sanctuary in the Forgotten City-- 
RWith a sinister grin on his face, Sephiroth slowly draws his sword, Masamune, out of Aerith. The White Materia, now radiating a 
Cloud:                      Aerith! 
Cloud dashes to catch Aerith as she begins to fall to the floor. 
Cloud:                      Aerith, Tell me this isn't happening... 
qCradled in Cloud's arms, Aerith says nothing. She only smiles. Her beautiful eyes seem to say, "It was meant to be so." And slow
Sephiroth:                (Raising his arms) 
                                Do not fret. My journey is almost over. The Land of Promise is near. 
                                There, I shall become one with the Lifestream of the planet-- 
                                 --soon, I will become God. 
                                Then, that girl will also be...  
Cloud:                       (Stands up, faces Sephiroth) 
                                 Shut up! It all doesn't matter! 
                                 The cycle of nature or your stupid plan--It doesn't matter to me! 
                                 Aerith is going away... 
                                 She won't laugh anymore... 
                                 She won't cry anymore... 
                                 She won't  get mad anymore... 
                                 ... My eyes burn. 
                                 ... My mouth is dry. 
                                 ... My fingertips tingle... 
Sephiroth:                  What, are you saying that you have emotions? 
                                  (laughs hideously) 
                                  How amusing this is! 
Cloud:                        Of course I have feelings! What do you think I am? 
Sephiroth:                  Stop pretending to be sad. 
                                  Stop acting to be filled with rage. 
                                  You're not capable of emotions.  
                                  (flies away, leaving behind the second Jenova Birth) 
Sephiroth/Jenova:    ...because you're nothing but a puppet... 
Brass (R)
Brass (L)
Oboe1 echo
Oboe2 echo
"Aerith (Full Orchestra Version)
Performed/Sequenced by
Masashi  "Aerith"
Composed by
Nobuo Uematsu