Options Menu (GS)

Game Name: Diddy Kong Racing

md5sum: 447f30d2b468fc23182ddc50252270be

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Added by: Pongball  Added: 2004-08-22

File URL is http://www.vgmusic.com/new-files/DKRMenuLobby.mid
Upload Date and Time: 07/06/2004 16:45:23

Uploaded by:  (AI Musicware)

Game System: Nintendo 64
Game Name: Diddy Kong Racing
Song Title: Options Menu (GS)
Sequenced by: AI Musicware Productions
Song Originally Composed by: David Wise
Other Information: Took over 6 months to try to get the original mood and feeling of this whole song.

This song is heard in all Lobbies, all Trophy Results, and after the end of each race.

OST info (JP)
Track: 5
Title: Lobby Theme Tune

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 10
Delta Time Setting: 960

-Text Analysis-
Sequenced by: Alex Lee
Composed by: David Wise
Sequencing Programs: Cakewalk SONAR XL  to: Dr. Fruitcake and Heather Clem at 1X
Date of Completion: August 20, 2003
Version History:
1.1-1.2 Removed a Crystal Section
Delayed another Crystal Section
Changed from Distortion Guitar to More Drive
Added more drum notes
Added Low Pass Filter on some tracks
Change from Dr. Solo to Velo Lead
1.0-1.1 Fixed the Crystal Section
Changed Bell Heaven to Round Glock
Re-sequenced the Weird Lead Track
Fixed a Marker position
Added Extra Notes on the Guitar, Lead, and Bass
Download more AI Musicware songs from http://members.lycos.co.uk/worldofai
Instruments used:
More Drive
Rotaly Organ
Velo Lead
Organ 3
OB Bell
More Drive
Drums: Power Set

-Copyright Event Analysis-
Copyright  2003 by: AI Musicware Productions

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Diddy Kong Racing: Options Menu and Lobby
Tony's Guitar
Street Organ
Low Booster
Weird Saw Lead
Slider Key
Pixie Spread
Attack Sustain
Robotic Lead
Super Crashin' Beat

-Marker Analysis-
Diddy Kong Racing: Options Menu and Lobby-Sequenced by: AI Musicware Productions Inc. August, 2003
Dedicated to: Dr. Fruitcake and Heather Clem at 1X
Back to Normal
Gleamin' Bright
Begin of Fade
End of Fade