Stage 1 - "Beginning" (2)

Game Name: Castlevania 3

md5sum: 498cdf64aead5c8f0692a210a62b2fcd
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Added by: Pong64  Added: 2001-01-20

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File Type: MIDI
Game System: Nintendo
Game Name: Castlevania 3
Song Title: Stage 1 - "Beginning" (2)
Sequenced by: patricio stiglich  Information: 
this is a nice version

Midi TrackName Analysis:

+This is a template that configures four tracks for a rock quartet.  General MIDI patches are used.  The Pan parameter is used to
                                                  USING KEY+ OFFSETS

Some instruments are traditionally notated transposed to a different key and/or octave than they sound.  This effect can be acco
With the Key+ parameter set, the notes you see in all the Cakewalk views and the notes you play will be in the transposed key.  
                                           NOT USING THE KEY+ OFFSETS

If you prefer to develop the instrument's part in the normal, untransposed key, you may wish to set the Key+ to 0.  If you do th
At some later point, if you wish to see the part notated properly, you can always restore the original Key+ offset and transpose
                                                  TEMPLATE SETTINGS

                                              (Middle C is C5 in Cakewalk)

Track   Instrument    Key+    Chn     Pan     Range (untransposed)     Useful Range (untransposed)


1.        Gutiar            -12        1       94             E3 to B6                             E3 to B6

2.        Organ              0         2       34                 n/a                                    n/a

3.        Bass              -12        3       64             E2 to F5                             E2 to F5

4.        Drums              0        10      64                 n/a                                    n/a