Lava Reef Zone: Act 1 (6)

Game Name: Sonic & Knuckles

md5sum: 5f5d7cdbb6799322d9e60c128e7dbf39
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File URL is
Upload Date and Time: 03/04/2004 17:00:37

Uploaded by:  (Cryogen Glacien)

Game System: Sega Genesis
Game Name: Sonic & Knuckles
Song Title: Lava Reef Zone: Act 1 (6)
Sequenced by: Cryogen Glacien
Song Originally Composed by: Sonic Team
Other Information: 
I've always wanted to do this one. It was a bit
irritating to sequence but worth every second.
And hey, finally found a use for the Kalimba ^_^

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 17
Delta Time Setting: 480

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Track 0
Xylophone High (Kalimba)
Xylophone Low (Kalimba)
Melody (Distortion Guitar)
Melody 1/16 Echo (Distortion Guitar)
Melody 1/8 Echo (Distortion Guitar)
Main Bass (Slap Bass)
Synthesized Bass (Synth Bass 2)
Background 1 (Square Lead)
Background 2 (Square Lead)
Percussion (Power Kit)
Chorder (Sawtooth Lead)
Perc. Hits (Gunshot)
Liquid Bass (Sweep Pad)
Track 6
Sonic and Knuckles: Lave Reef Zone
Sequenced to MIDI By Cryogen Glacien on 3/4/04
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