Main Theme (GS)

Game Name: Bejeweled 2 Deluxe

md5sum: 6c81cae4fa3ad05c50c16065004fd87c
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File URL is
Upload Date and Time: 05/31/2019 17:10:38

Uploaded by:   System: Windows
Game Name: Bejeweled 2 Deluxe
Song Title: Main Theme (GS)
Sequenced by:  Information: I created this for two reasons:

1. I like this song
2. The only other MIDI of this song uploaded (as of the time 
   of typing this) is a CONVERSION (from an NSF oddly enough)

This may or may not be the only MIDI I make from this game, 
due to the complexity of the instruments. For example, the 
panning is randomized for some of the instruments in the 
actual song, so I improvised.

One thing I would like to note is that the looping is based 
off of the in-game version, rather than the OST version.

Also, the MIDI's size is so big, because I used a lot of 
control changes; "Expression", mostly. Go figure.

The "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth" is recommended for playback.

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 14
Delta Time Setting: 120

-Text Analysis-
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe - Main Theme
Originally Composed by Peter "Skaven 252" Hajba
Sequenced by  Credit if Used)
MSGS Recommended for Playback
Finished: Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

-Midi TrackName Analysis-

SysEx Events
Kalimba (Bass)
Rubber Bass (Bass Support)
Clavinet (Bass 2)
Bass & Lead (Chorus Bass)
New Age Pad (Lead)
Saw Wave (Lead Support)
Sweep Pad (Stringed Chords)
Gunshot (Percussion)
Poly Synth Pad (Chords)
Brightness FX (Lead Support 2)
Saw Wave (Support Lead Echo)
TR-808 Kit (Percussion)

-Marker Analysis-