Viridian City (2)

Game Name: Pokmon (Red, Blue, Yellow)

md5sum: 6e06443698f1d1d8cdbb3259ea788934
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Added by: Mark Jansen  Added: 2001-12-25

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Upload Date and Time: 12/01/2001 22:48:05

Uploaded by:  (CubedCinder128)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Gameboy
Game Name: Pokmon (Red, Blue, Yellow)
Song Title: Viridian City (2)
Other Information: (sorry for goofing up in writing the comments for the SMA remix)
Anyway, picture this. Ash and Misty both take a break from their Pokemon adventures when a carnival at Viridian City opens up in primetime. With Pikachu bringing up the rear, the two stick together the whole time. This music gives an almost romantic feeling to that scearnio, if it ever happens... :-)
Last remix for now, so see ya all again soon!

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