Title Screen/ Theme Song

Game Name: Magical Tetris Challenge

md5sum: 85fe185b7037889b40a6f018fb7475c7

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Added by: The Jade Emperor  Added: 2001-04-26

File URL is http://www.vgmusic.com/new-files/mtcts.mid

Uploaded by:  (Merit Celaire)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Nintendo 64
Game Name: Magical Tetris Challenge
Song Title: Title Screen/ Theme Song
Sequenced by: Merit Celaire  Information: 
It's the theme song from the "Magical Tetris Challenge"
game for the N64! YAY! I love this tune so much that I just had to sequence it;
the theme song for this game itself rocks! Check
this MIDI out for yourselves!
Expect more MIDIs from me soon in relation to this
awesome game!
NOTE: There seems to be a little "delay" at the
"looping points" in this MIDI, but I doubt that
should be a problem here for you guys.

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Brass Section (intro section)
Trumpet 1
Guitar (overdrive)
Strings 1
Strings 2-1
Strings 2-2
Guitar Chords
Guitar Chords 2
Drums 1
Drums 2
"Title Screen/Theme Song"
FROM: Magical Tetris Challenge
SEQUENCED BY: Merit Celaire