The Biolizard - "Supporting Me" (GS)

Game Name: Sonic Adventure 2

md5sum: 981b60389b6ea6efe94c0fc3d157e313
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Upload Date and Time: 08/28/2020 15:53:01

Uploaded by:  (tahutoa)

Game System: Sega Dreamcast
Game Name: Sonic Adventure 2
Song Title: The Biolizard - "Supporting Me" (GS)
Sequenced by: tahutoa
Other Information: Today I finally went back and finished the guitars. Then after that I implemented the lyrics, because I realized I could find a way to make space for them. Then it was a bunch of fiddling with both them and some of the BG stuff. Basically, after I finished the geetars I spent most of today fine-tuning the sequence, as it were.
The project file itself was created on June 19th of last year, and that in itself contained an update of the bass line from the FIRST time I tried to cover this song. So, in other words, I've been working to cover this tune since July of 2017, albeit with a number of breaks lasting several months each.

Puh-LEeEeze use the Roland GS wavetable, as that was what this was programmed with, and for my mind sounds the best.

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 18
Delta Time Setting: 96

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Supporting Me ~ The Biolizard | MIDI by tahutoa
Biology Bass
Salamander SynthBacking
FrHorn #2
DistGit. #2
Applause, Telephone #2
Drums #2
Laughing, Bubblehs
James K. Bloke