Natural Killer Cyborg

Game Name: Mother 3

md5sum: 9deb49152011427c2a1e689b88a8a200
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Upload Date and Time: 01/04/2019 20:48:50

Uploaded by:  (tahutoa)

Game System: Gameboy Advance
Game Name: Mother 3
Song Title: Natural Killer Cyborg
Sequenced by: tahutoa
Other Information: Okay, so: 
1) I had the original MIDI by Nintendo, right, 
but when I was fooling with it in FL,
2) I noticed the pitch-bending for the kickass synth was broke as hell. So I fixed that.
3) From there, I also tried to adapt some of the effects that just ain't possible with GM (for example, the GBA's and GM's ideas of modulation are two different things- for one, GBA mod can also modulate up & down like pitch-bend, not just faster/slower)
4) Moved drums and things so that they continue to play like the orig. song, but, y'know, actually played sound still.
5) The slow parts were quite literally played at half tempo (74bpm), so I separated things into patterns and used FL's stretch ability to put it at the proper 152bpm.

So yeah, this MIDI is KIND OF mine? in a sense? I feel dirty trying to claim it as my own, though, which is why I only credit myself as the repairman in the MIDI file track name thingy.

PS: the pitch bending for the Guitar Slide is still there (under OvErdRiVe's pitch-bend edit events), it just sounds like shit in spite of being accurately tuned, so I got rid of the note that the song would play it for.

I feel like this is cheating,, but at the same time I don't think the Internet currently has a gureito MIDI for this song yet, so it's a necessary evil, I think.

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 18
Delta Time Setting: 96

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Natural Killer Cyborg ~ Mother 3 | Repaired by tahutoa
Drums (R)
Drums (L)
Snare (R)
Snare (L)
Sine Wave (PitchBend is halved)
Sine Wave (PitchBend is halved)
Sine Wave (PitchBend is halved)
Porcine Sublime
Tank Treads
Fractal Laser
Crystalline Cannon
Now Booting
Loading Windows