Final Stage (The Undernet)

Game Name: Mega Man Network Transmission

md5sum: 9f5c1764e7d60859ffea9b8c8588fb5e
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File URL is
Upload Date and Time: 07/30/2020 15:59:58

Uploaded by:  (Monster Iestyn)

Game System: Nintendo Gamecube
Game Name: Mega Man Network Transmission
Song Title: Final Stage (The Undernet)
Sequenced by: Monster Iestyn
Other Information: Okay wow, I haven't uploaded anything in over a year now, huh. Time to fix that! (I've got some other MIDIs I've finished or nearly finished as we speak, I'll probably upload those too in the near future)

This MMNT track was actually something I tried sequencing way back in early 2018, to signal my "return" to MIDI sequencing after obtaining Sekaiju. However it ended up being my Sonic Mania MIDIs that did that I guess, while this project ended up being put on hold while I was busy with other things. That and my interest in MIDI sequencing lately has been wavering despite my return, which did not help clearly. Eventually I started my MIDI of the song again from scratch this year and this time I finally finished it!

Additionally, I would like to thank MIDIMan for fixing some of the polyphony issues this MIDI had before I finally submitted it to the site, plus introducing me to "All Sound Off".

Enjoy the MIDI!

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 18
Delta Time Setting: 120

-Midi TrackName Analysis-

Synth Bass 1
GM2 - Doctor Solo
GM2 - Doctor Solo (Echo)
GM2 - Square
Bass & Lead
Bass & Lead (Echo)
Sweep Pad
Orchestra Hit
Synth Brass 1
Warm Pad
GM2 - Starship
Saw Wave Lead/Synth Strings 2/Crystal
TR-808 Drums
Electronic Drums