Speed Highway: Speed Highway

Game Name: Sonic Adventure

md5sum: b1b9e5a56b83648855d93a75ed86f8e2

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Added by: Princess Peach Toadstool  Added: 2000-02-20

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Uploaded by:  (Merit Celaire)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Sega Dreamcast
Game Name: Sonic Adventure
Song Title: Speed Highway: Speed Highway
Sequenced by: Merit Celaire  Information: I'm not really a rock music fan, but the music forthe "Sonic Adventure" game for the Sega Dreamcast isa huge and clear exception (No, I don't have the "SonicAdventure" game yet, but I hope to soon when I purchasemy Sega Dreamcast hopefully next year). Thus, I have arranged the "Sonic Adventure" music which is heard in the"Speed Highway" stage. In deeper detail: this is heard when you're running through the Speed Highwayitself (for Sonic, it's Section 1 of this stage; forTails, it's when he races against Dr. Robotnik in thisstage). I hope that you love listening to this tune as much as I loved arranging it! Expect a few more "SonicAdventure" MIDIs from me soon!

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Main Guitars 1
Main Guitars 2
Main Guitars 3-A
Main Guitars 3-B
Guitar Chords 1
Guitar Chords 2
Effects 1-A
Effects 1-B
Effects 2
Effects 3-A
Effects 3-B
Effects 4
Effects 5
Effects 6
Drums 1 (main)
Drums 2 (hi-hats)
Drums 3 (crash cymbals)
"Speed Highway: The Speed Highway"
FROM THE GAME: Sonic Adventure