Round 1-1

Game Name: Bonk's Adventure

md5sum: b28a52dbdecc8cc691957a66f762d04b
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Upload Date and Time: 12/18/2006 12:27:18

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Game System: Nintendo
Game Name: Bonk's Adventure
Song Title: Round 1-1
Sequenced by: SketchMan3
Other Information: I was browsing through the NES music and checking out all the great tunes, when I realized that the music for one of the best NES games ever, "Bonk's Adventure", was nowhere to be found. I'd recently started MIDI-ing vg music for a friend of mine, so I decided, "why not make my contribution to the VGM fan community?" So I recorded the tunes for each level, got out my Anvil Studio, and got to work. I don't know how exactly to provide proof...except that I've searched everywhere and couldn't find MIDI files of any of the Bonk's Adventure NES songs. 
I also decided to make the MIDI file sound as much like the original as possible, which sent me on a mad search for the proper instruments, until I happened upon the Sitar, the Square Wave, and the Slap!. The sitar was the hardest to find, because I didn't expect Bonk's style of music to use something like that. I guess that's all I can really say about it.
Oh yes, the original composers for the "Bonk's Adventure" Music are:
T's Music
Kunio Komatsu
Bang Heads
But I wasn't able to find out which of them wrote which of the songs, so I just left the Composer space blank.
I'd like credit for sequencing this MIDI if you use this for a game or other purposes. Of course, if you think you have to edit this MIDI file to create a remix, ask me for permission first. But you already knew all that, because you've read the terms of use.

This the first of many more to come.


 - SketchMan3

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 5
Delta Time Setting: 192

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Track 0
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Sequenced by: