Stage 2 Theme (Forest)

Game Name: Gemini Wing

md5sum: b38cf7f49cc11e41aba3eb520cfbea8f
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Game System: Arcade
Game Name: Gemini Wing
Song Title: Stage 2 Theme (Forest)
Sequenced by: Alluro95
Song Originally Composed by: S. E. Yuki

Other Information: 
Most of you may not remember this classic arcade game. Gemini Wing is a unique
arcade shooter by Tecmo, the same company that produced the Tecmo Super Bowl series
and Rygar, in 1987.
The soundtrack of Gemini Wing, in my opinion, was very good.

This is the theme song played in Stage 2 (Forest). While listening to the original song, I
thought, "Hmm...this song has a very Latin flavor, very Salsa-like." So, I decided to rearrange
it into a pure Latin style. The biggest standout in this song is its bass line; it is very
catchy and enjoyable. The melody was very hard to decipher. The instrument was very low in
volume and seemed to echo, making it difficult to get the timing and notes right. Anyway I used
typically Latin instruments, the trumpet and the marimba, for the melody. For percussion, I
added a rhythmic bass drum with congas, bongos, guiros, triangles, maracas, claves and castanets.
This is the most rearranged song I did for Gemini Wing.

MIDI length:                     4 min. 2.2 sec.
Number of channels/instruments:  4 channels + drums / 3 instr. + Room drum kit
Song Key:                        A major

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Triangles & Shakers 
Misc Percussion     
Stage 2 Theme - Gemini Wing Arcade
(c) 1987 Tecmo Inc.
Original composer: S. E. Yuki
MIDI rearrangement by Alluro95
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