Spacedust Alley (GS) (v1.3)

Game Name: Diddy Kong Racing

md5sum: ca57039bc011d54670cf9d6782bfeeaf
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Game System: Nintendo 64
Game Name: Diddy Kong Racing
Song Title: Spacedust Alley (GS) (v1.3)
Sequenced by: AI Musicware Productions
Song Originally Composed by: David Wise
Other Information: This song is also heard in the "Star City" racing course. It is #39 on the music test menu.

OST info (JP)
Track: 32
CD Title: Star City

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 13
Delta Time Setting: 960

-Text Analysis-
Sequenced by: Alex Lee
Composed by: David Wise
Sequencing Programs: Cakewalk SONAR XL  to: Sammi Frye and Theresa Parthum at 2X
Date of Completion: September 5, 2003
Version History:
1.2-1.3: Reduced the volume of Chior Aahs
Change a few patches to get it to sound correctly on the Yamaha TGB300
Added a few notes on the bassline
Change the notes for the Piano Track
Fixed the Snare Roll
Fixed the Chior Aahs in the Heaven Part
Added loopStart and loopEnd events
1.1-1.2: Added more controllers to the Chior Aahs
Added Filter events
Fixed the Piano Chords Track
Fixed the Harp in the Heaven Part
Changed a few instrument patches
Fixed the ends of the Synth Bass Track
Edited the Pan in the 2nd Chorus section
Added Hand Claps
1.0-1.1: Fixed the Synth Bass Track
Fixed the Drumline
Removed Orchestra Patch Change
Silenced the Choir Aahs at one part
Change a Piano + EG track to Piano 3 wide.
Added some notes to the piano track
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Instruments used:
Fretless Bass
Piano 3 wide
Marimba wide
Piano 3 wide
Piano 2 wide
Piano 1 wide
French Accordian
Italian Accordian
Chorus Accordian
Pan Flute
Chior Aahs x 2
Drums: Room Set
Taiko Drum
Reverse Cymbal 1
12-string Guitar
Wind Chimes

-Copyright Event Analysis-
Copyright  2003 by: AI Musicware Productions

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Diddy Kong Racing: Spacedust Alley Race
Beep Bop Bass
Thicker Beat
New Light Chord
New Ticker
Main Speech Left
Main Speech Center
Main Speech Right
Vocal Left
Vocal Right
The March
Background Noise

-Marker Analysis-
Diddy Kong Racing: Spacedust Alley Race-Sequenced by: AI Musicware Productions Inc. September, 2003
Dedicated to: Sammi Frye and Theresa Parthum at 2X
Trailing Light Speed
Winding Minor Tune
Restarting differently
Aurora Light Shining
Repeat Race
Turbo-boost the engine
Speed up, Future Ahead
Victory Really?
Blow it out loud
The Grand line
More drums
Finish Line