Athena's BGM

Game Name: King Of Fighters '96 (Japan)

md5sum: d22688accff35e3bc09e03549d79f4b5
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Added by: Chiba  Added: 2000-01-31

File URL is'96).mid

Uploaded by:  (Brandon Lee Ritter)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Sega Saturn
Game Name: King Of Fighters '96 (Japan)
Song Title: Athena's BGM
Sequenced by: S.C.T.

Other Information: I'd like to dedicate this song to C.V. 

Midi TrackName Analysis:

MIDI file publishers and hardware manufacturers, such as Roland Corp. and Tune 1000 have introduced more detailed conventions fo
Song Tempo should remain within the range of 30-240bpm

MIDI Channel          Recommended Instrumentation

1                              Piano Solo (Left & Right Hand)

2                              Bass Instrument

3                              Primary Accompaniment (or for Left-hand part when using split Piano parts)

4                              Primary Melodic Instrument* (or for Right-hand part when using split Piano parts)

5                              Secondary Accompaniment

6                              Secondary Melodic Instrument

7                              Alternative 1

8                              Alternative 2

9                              Alternative 3

10                            Drums & Percussion

11                           --Reserved-- 

12                           --Reserved--

13                           --Reserved--

14                           --Reserved--

15                           --Reserved--

16                           --Reserved--

*Lyrics should be placed on Channel 4

Primary Accompaniment
Primary Melodic
Secondary Accompaniment
Secondary Melodic
Alternative 1
Alternative 2
Alternative 3
Drums & Percussion