Peach's Birthday Cake (v1.2)

Game Name: Mario Party

md5sum: d576071f14c8d8b5600349ac778b760c
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Added by: Princess Peach Toadstool  Added: 2000-02-20

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Uploaded by:  (Merit Celaire)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Nintendo 64
Game Name: Mario Party
Song Title: Peach's Birthday Cake (v1.2)
Sequenced by: Merit Celaire  Information: Well, everybody, after owning the "Mario Party" gamefor the Nintendo 64 for almost two months now, I chokedmyself around the neck when I found out that my 'former'arrangement of "Peach's Birthday Cake" needed a LOT OF WORK(which meant I had to start again from "square one"... ugh!). Thus, Ihave done an all new and improved version of "Peach'sBirthday Cake", so you all can trash the former versionand replace it with this one. I hope you all like thisMIDI arrangement; comments are welcome.By the way, "Peach's Birthday Cake" is one of my first favoritegame boards in the "Mario Party" game! :) Princess Peach's gameboard in "Mario Party" is one of the best, so why not check itout when you all find the time? I just love Peach's game board in"Mario Party" so much, that's why!

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Main Melody A
Main Melody B-1
Main Melody B-2
Main Melody C
Main Melody D
Alto Melody A
Alto Melody B
Alto Melody C
Drums 1
"Peach's Birthday Cake" (Version 1.2)
FROM THE GAME: Mario Party