Darkmoon Caverns (GS) (v1.2)

Game Name: Diddy Kong Racing

md5sum: dcc6a23ab2e9020a8ba25ff26d99cfa3

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Upload Date and Time: 04/09/2005 01:47:27

Uploaded by:  (AI Musicware)

Game System: Nintendo 64
Game Name: Diddy Kong Racing
Song Title: Darkmoon Caverns (GS) (v1.2)
Sequenced by: AI Musicware Productions
Song Originally Composed by: David Wise
Other Information: This song is also heard during the first credit roll and the part when your chrarcter goes into the rocket which launches you into the lobby of Future Fun Land. "OK! It's in control!"

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 13
Delta Time Setting: 960

-Text Analysis-
Sequenced by: Alex Lee
Composed by: David Wise
Sequencing Programs: Cakewalk SONAR XL  to: Tim McSweeney and Ryan McEwan at 2X
Date of Completion: November 8, 2003
Version History:
1.1-1.2: Edited the Trumpet in the Hit and Smack section to allow a full range of music
Changed the Trumpet to a Square Lead
Doubled the Hit and Smack Square Lead Line
Changed the notes on Rowing Bass Track (again)
Added 1 base chord for each chord in the Steady Curve
Added the loopStart and loopEnd events
1.0-1.1: Added a few Low Pass events
Changed from E. Piano to Rotaly Organ
Tranposed Rotaly organ track
Made the crystal tracks play in octaves
Changed instruments in the crystal tracks.
Changed notes on the Rowing Bass track
Edited the Trumpet in the Hit and Smack section
Download more AI Musicware songs from http://members.lycos.co.uk/worldofai
Instruments used:
Fretless Bass 3
Acoustic Bass
Rotaly Organ
Muted Banjo
Big Lead
Feedback Guitar
Soft Rotaly Organ
Cheese Organ
Org Bell
Overdrive Guitar
Drums: TR-808 Set with extra snare drums (Can be only heard with SC-88 Pro, VSC, or SC-8850)
Star Theme 2
Heaven II
Distortion Lead
Org Bell
Square Lead 2X

-Copyright Event Analysis-
Copyright  2003 by: AI Musicware Productions

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Diddy Kong Racing: Darkmoon Caverns Race
Rowing Up Bass
1st Note Thump
Steady Curve Chord
Bright and Clean Chord
Rock Bright Melody
Neon Appearance Melody
Sci-Fi Voice
Crystal Effect
Rowing Guitar
In the Clouds Drums
Spaceship Effect
Background Whistle

-Marker Analysis-
Diddy Kong Racing: Darkmoon Caverns Race-Sequenced by: AI Musicware Productions Inc. November, 2003
Dedicated to: Tim McSweeney and Ryan McEwan at 2X
Main Chords
Near the Top of the Hill
Hit and Smack!
Floating and Floating
Back to Everyday
The Crystal Light
Hit and Smack Slap
Fusion Run
..and it repeats