Tournament of Champions

Game Name: Breath of Fire III

md5sum: fae089181e04b752c764b7aa0c688af6
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Added by: Pongball  Added: 2002-02-11

File URL is

Uploaded by:  (Brandon Lee Ritter)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Sony Playstation
Game Name: Breath of Fire III
Song Title: Tournament of Champions
Sequenced by: SCT  Information: Pain in the ass :P nuff said ^^

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Re-sequenced for --GM-- by SCT

Personally, I like how the drums sound with 

the SBLive 4 meg :) but you probably already

knew that ^^

Feel free to tweak this as your ears feel needed ^^

you may post a different version AS LONG AS YOU INCLUDE


Also there isnt any instrument patch changing so theres

a lot of empty space in this midi ^^ HEY i did plenty in the

drums! :P

O-hit left pan 
O-hit middle pan
O-hit right pan
Closed flange Synth Bass 1 (damned NRPN's!! - I'll get you Dermot) :P ^^
Muted Guitar
Tenor Sax 
Ch 6 echo A
Ch 6 echo B
Bright Acoustic
Ch 9 echo A
Ch 9 echo B
Marimba  ( I --AM-- human :P ^^)
Ch 12 echo A (by the left #'s ^^ - and YES I can see that the patch is different :P it just has a better sustaining echo ^^)
Ch 12 echo B
Percussion with offbeat "air" snares  (LOTS OF ANNOYING PATCH CHANGING!! ^^)
"Tournament of Champions" - Breath of Fire 3 - Questions/Comments Welcome -  (String Ensemble 1) ^^