Introduction (Japan) - "The Unbeatable Love That I Have" (Arranged)

Game Name: Mega Man X4

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Game System: Sony Playstation
Game Name: Mega Man X4
Song Title: Introduction (Japan) - "The Unbeatable Love That I Have" (Arranged)
Sequenced by: King Meteor
Other Information: Dang! This song rocks! It's too bad Capcom didn't use this song in the North American version.
I rocked the song up a bit in my MIDI. I actually got the idea for this arrangement when I heard a song from Maximum Carnage and I thought of this song (don't ask why.) I'm VERY pleased with the way it turned out.

Here's what the lyrics mean in English

Why is it that dear feelings are sharp thorns
Why is it when we go astray they prick us
Even if it makes petals bloom bit by bit like a rose
In fact it shakes my heart. Love is scary
I seem to beak down... (I seem to break down...)
Rather than embracing me
I want to understand you some more
Rather than giving me kindness
I want the strength to overcome loneliness
Even unbeatable love, I must surely have in my heart
If it's a certain love I seek, someday I shall find it
It makes me believe in the strength
To go on no matter how things turn out to be
To turn against destiny

Thanks to Andrew Christopher for the translation and to Chanwalin for uploading the YouTube video with english translations of the lyrics

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 14
Delta Time Setting: 960

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Track 0
Overdriven Guitar
Overdriven Guitar (echo)
Overdriven Guitar (echo)
Distortion Guitar
Distortion Guitar (echo)
Synth Bass 1
Synth Bass 2
Synth Strings 1
Synth Strings 1 (echo)
Percussion (Electric Kit)
Guitar Harmonics
Guitar Harmonics (echo)
"Introduction - 'The Unbeatable Love That I Have'" from Rockman X4 (Japan), arranged by King Meteor