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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Third-Party Intellectual Property

All character images and original music scores are copyright and intellectual property of their respective owners and may not be repackaged in any form for sale. All music and images are presented for entertainment purposes only. In most cases, each midi file has been sequenced from scratch and is therefore not a direct digital copy. We will gladly take down any music if asked by their respective owners. To learn more about copyrights, please visit the homepage for United States Copyright Office.

In simple words "Don't sell anything you don't own!"

General Terms of Service



We reserve the right to bar access on our webserver to any past, present, or future information stored on our webserver, even if you were the author of such work. However, if you were the author (composer or sequencer) of a particular music file, we will at our convience and/or personal preference try to retreive music file for you if we still have it offline. Since we do not claim ownership of the music files, there is really no threat here to your file or information being elsewhere. We just wish to stop abuse of bandwidth/resources or censor material we do not deem appropriate. Access includes the privileges of: read, write (file creation, file modification), execution, and file presence.


We reserve rights over ability to download (receive data from this webserver) or upload (send data to this webserver) to and from this webserver. Bandwidth costs money!


Linking directly to midi files on this webserver is strictly prohibited (unless otherwise noted for a particular file). By "linking", we mean creating and publishing online and ultimately using a link in HTML data. The purpose of this is to stop abuse of bandwidth/resources. We encourage you to link to HTML files/data instead.


Advertisements on this site must be approved/authorized by management. Thus, the following forms of advertising when viewing this site are strictly forbidden (unless otherwise approved by the visitor):

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