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This is a complete listing of all the files in the Microsoft Xbox directory, as of September 23, 2023 at 12:29 AM EDT.
There are 58 midi files in the Microsoft Xbox directory.

Disney's House a Mouse
Getting Started 22293 bytes Zactrus Comments
Elder Scrolls III, The: Morrowind
Main 8082 bytes Ilya Gordon Comments
Main (Arranged) 34033 bytes Comments
Main (Dance Remix) 14839 bytes setokaibarocket Comments
Interlude (Arranged) 14538 bytes Asa & Ekairi Comments
Witchwoods 28651 bytes Michael Murphy Comments
Ghost Recon
Anthem 13683 bytes Ilya Gordon Comments
Grabbed by the Ghoulies
Ballroom Disco 36085 bytes Gold Jinjo Comments
Loopy Lilt 4091 bytes BATzerk Comments
Macabre Music Box 1606 bytes BATzerk Comments
Guilty Gear XX #Reload
Holy Orders - "Be Just or be Dead" (Arranged) 68968 bytes BloodyJedah Comments
A Spartan's Honor (Halo Remix) 30673 bytes William Ascenzo Comments
A Walk In the Woods (2) 12295 bytes Allison Olischar Comments
A Walk in the Woods 6915 bytes Bryan Liguori Comments
A Walk in the Woods (Drum Remix) (XG) 8088 bytes Bryan Liguori Comments
Battle Theme (Arranged) 27402 bytes Cortez Comments
Battle Theme (Strings Only) 11662 bytes Stuart Carey Comments
Brothers in Arms 6842 bytes Ilya Gordon Comments
Covenant Dance 23888 bytes Chow Comments
Devils... Monsters... 29738 bytes 8bitmoomin Comments
Drumrun 42919 bytes William Ascenzo Comments
Dust and Echoes 4676 bytes Ben "BitMaP" Ritter Comments
Halo 14641 bytes Ilya Gordon Comments
Halo (2) 30614 bytes Hunt "Sage" Bridges Comments
Halo (3) 22224 bytes Adam Comments
Halo (4) 19062 bytes Levi Buffum Comments
Lament for Private Jenkins 5934 bytes William Ascenzo Comments
Siege of Madrigal 1295 bytes BlueFlame Comments
Siege of Madrigal (2) (v2.0) 3301 bytes Ruku Artic Comments
Strings Theme 923 bytes Thomas Hay Comments
Strings Theme (2) 1180 bytes Trent Comments
The Gun Pointed At the Head of the Universe 31409 bytes Obliterador Comments
The Maw (Guitar Remix) 584 bytes ZKB Comments
The Silent Cartographer - "Rock Anthem for Saving the World" 75410 bytes DJ Bouche Comments
Under Cover of Night 78489 bytes Obliterador Comments
Halo 2
Antediluvia (Mercy's Death) 80882 bytes William Ascenzo Comments
Earth City 36421 bytes Spencer Anunsen Comments
First Volley 21749 bytes William Ascenzo Comments
Flawed Legacy 20927 bytes William Ascenzo Comments
Flawed Legacy (Remix) 31433 bytes Sequenced by Isaac Riley Comments
Follow (1st Movement of the Odyssey) 49623 bytes Hunt "Sage" Bridges Comments
Heretic Hero 19477 bytes FireTeam Torch Comments
Heretic Hero (2) 5520 bytes Snarles Comments
Heretic, Hero (Remix) 23023 bytes Isaac Riley Comments
Impend 37511 bytes William Ascenzo Comments
Leonidas 25808 bytes NeoRetro10K Comments
Loading Screen 410 bytes Siamey Comments
Peril (Remix) 50759 bytes Isaac Thomas Riley (Isaac Riley) Comments
Prologue 23073 bytes William Ascenzo Comments
The Last Spartan 3170 bytes Mako Comments
Theme 798 bytes Michael Comments
Theme (2) 633 bytes Samusaaron3 Comments
Theme (3) 2973 bytes Thomas Hay Comments
Theme (Remix) 88955 bytes Musicmaker Comments
Jade Empire
Title Screen 29068 bytes Michael Murphy Comments
NHL Hitz 2003
Popular 2316 bytes Comments
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Gigantic Fleet 74754 bytes Thomash Lee Comments
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
Dark Side Points 938 bytes Garrison Haines-Temons Comments

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