This, too, is under construction. Please check Mike's Twitter or Jessica's Mastodon in the event of a server outage. Older updates.

Static version of the archive 2023-09-23

Old browsers won't be left out

In preparation for the new version of the site, I have made a Valid HTML4.01 (tm) version of the old archive pages (they were a bit hacky before) and a second copy of the main page at https://vgmusic.com/music/. The fellow robots in the audience should be able to crawl through the archive like your standard Apache open directory.

Don't give up! 2023-09-21

It has been a few days but I didn't forget you

Unfortunately, I've decided to hold off re-enabling uploading until I finish redesigning the database. Otherwise I'll just have to disable it again. We're close to having not one but two new sites, so hang in there.

Unrelatedly, Geocities has made something of a comeback, as Neocities, and since vgmusic is very much part of that era, I have designed a classic 88x31 button for anyone who should like to link back to us. We would be honored if you nerds chose to do so. Thankq :3 -Jessica

small logo with the word vgmusic next to caped Super Mario as he approaches three coins

Stealth update: here's a few more

small logo with the word vgmusic next to Waddle Dee, a cupcake, and coffee small logo with the word vgmusic next to Erdrick and blue, red, and metal slimes small logo with the word vgmusic next to Alys, Chaz, and a cat

Surprise! 2023-09-11

I broke your site and I am fixing your site. Major revisions are coming.

The server has a dedicated webmaster again. As many of you noticed, the website had a catastrophic PHP failure a couple of weeks ago.

Actually, that's not quite it. The PHP itself is a catastrophe and it fell apart as soon as soon as someone blew on it.

Actually, that's not quite it either. I logged in and escalated to root on a lark, since it has been years, and I decided to run a decade of Ubuntu updates, fully aware that the ancient, extremely unsecure code would not survive moving from PHP5 to PHP8. I expected it to break in a few places, not constantly though... but I also refused to roll anything back and made repeated in-place edits to fix stuff, like... I'm not sure what a PHP "magic quote" is but a former admin was evidently terrified of them? They're extinct now.

Anyway, Mike quite justifiably logged in, reset the root password, maybe rolled things back and moved some files I was editing, and tweeted that the PHP install is messed up. First of all, that didn't keep me out, and second of all, the PHP install is not messed up. We are messed up. Also Mike was fine with my intervention for the record, and he let me use Twitter to explain it and stuff, so please nobody get mad at me :3

Fixing the existing code is too much work. That's why there has been talk of "fully databasing" the website since like 2001 and it never happened. So many different people have come along over the decades and added things, so the final product is a site that is fundamentally visually identical to how it used to be, but is total spaghetti on the backend. The code is simply not built on a good foundation and needs to be started over.

But... I can't kill a 90s website by giving it a huge facelift, nor can I leave it sitting around all hackable. So, I intend to give this thing two versions: one is a modern version, with a search box attached to a database, multiple themes, and fairly minimal html5+js. It's not going to be a sleek "best practices" thing and it will still be based on web1.0 philosophy, but the nostalgia junkies who browse from old hardware or with no JS might have difficulty with it... so the other version of the site will be fully static HTML3 on port 80. You are welcome *headpat*.

The third party embedded content (google, twitter, disqus) is getting shot. The twitter div has already been removed as their API changes broke it. I will probably delete all 10 billion comments pages and put all of that stuff in the database. I have created a little program that fetches track names and copyright data (there used to be a page for something like this but it is so old that I didn't use it) as well as verifying that the midi plays through to the end. The upload script is still being carefully retooled because it was an attack vector and all that, and I probably won't want to reopen it until I test it with the new database schema.

More information about who I am can be found at this Internet hyperlink.

If you're curious about the specifics of how I know what to do, here is an explanation (warning: it's quite geeky).

Finally: a special message for the transphobes who chased me away from here years ago.